story line.

1985.  Born in Reseda, CA

1999. Toured in punk band, Persecuted.  Drummer. One hit wonder, entitled “Temptations”

2000. Went to my first large concert. Dave Matthews. Dodger Stadium. 14 years old, the only one not under-the-influence.

2004. Went to Europe with a mother and her 5 children. Oldest said I had nuclear weapons in my carry-on. Passport marked, all future travels become a bigger hassle.

2005. Ran the Los Angeles Marathon. Hottest Marathon to date. Ran slower than a walk, gazed at the streets lined with people with heat stroke. Most discouraging 6 hours of my life, but finished none the less. And received medal.

2006. Went to Thailand for a month. Water Project. Changed life direction. Went to Azusa Pacific University to major in Global Studies.

2007. Lived in Macarthur Park, CA. Low income housing. Public transportation. Education Internship. Finally started to understand the reality of an immigrant living  in the US.

2008. Lived in Guatemala. Language Schools. Host families. Thesis paper on indebtedness of farmers. Worked on a farm, made bamboo furniture, purified and bottled water. Spent 4 months dehydrated, lonely, and inspired.

2008. Moved to Pasadena with 10 friends. Learned how to live life together.

2008. Graduated College. Celebrated for a month.

2009. Worked at summer camp. Played in a lake with all my friends and got tan.

2010. Interned at TOMS Shoes. Met incredible people. Had great experiences. Learned a lot.


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